The Best Theme Parks to Visit on the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya offers a wide range of options for enjoying a vacation in style. It’s a place which perfectly combines wild nature with fun attractions, high zip lines, and sensory experiences that will not fail to move you. If you want to know more, keep reading to discover the best theme parks to visit in Riviera Maya.

Parks on the Riviera Maya where you can have a ball


parque xcaret
Just a few miles from Playa del Carmen is one of the most wide-ranging water parks in the world: Xcaret. It defines itself as an eco-archeological park and has managed to conserve the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya, serving as a refuge for numerous animal species.

If you visit Xcaret, you can go for a swim in sinkholes and subterranean rivers, follow hiking paths, explore caves, and even get up close to animals such as jaguars, deer, and exotic birds. Don’t miss out on discovering some of the best sinkholes in Cancun and the Riviera Maya in this theme park.

Xel Há

Xel há

The largest natural aquarium in the world is found in the Riviera Maya: Xel Há. It’s a snorkeling destination par excellence in the Mexican Caribbean, but this is just one of the many activities you can do. You can swim with dolphins, explore the sea bed, or walk through the jungle where sinkholes, caverns, and jumping platforms will amaze you.


Adrenaline lovers will feel right at home in the wild surroundings of Xplor, which extends over nearly 150 acres and 20 acres underground. This Riviera Maya theme park is chock-full of adventure activities. You can choose from routes on a 4×4, spelunking, or rafting on subterranean rivers. One of the star attractions of this facility is undoubtedly the zip line circuit, which towers 1,300 feet in the air and has a length of nearly 3,000 feet. Are you daring enough to try it?


Xenses is a top theme park where you can experience intense emotions and a unique sensory experience thanks to the different land, air, and water settings. These attractions mainly feature light tricks, labyrinths, tunnels, and even an imaginary swimming pool—perfect for putting your mind to the test. Xenses is one of the most visited theme parks on the Riviera Maya thanks to its original offering.


The Xoximilco theme park offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a perfect mix of music, dance, and games. Inside the facilities of this Riviera Maya nature park, you can play marbles, challenge friends to a game of darts, or enjoy a unique day out cruising on a trajinera, a traditional type of boat from the area. Don’t miss out on try the exquisite cuisine that this Riviera Maya park has to offer.

Ventura Park

In 2016, the Wet ‘n Wild Cancun water park became Ventura Park, establishing itself as one of the biggest attractions on the Yucatan Peninsula. If you are looking for the best option for a full day of adventure and emotion, you have to visit this Riviera Maya theme park. You’ll have a ball doing any of the activities, both in and out of the water. Don’t miss out on the most exciting opportunity: swimming with dolphins!

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