Water Park

Hotel with water park

Hotel in Cancun, Riviera Maya

Our Cancun hotel offers guests an impressive water park with slides where you will spend an unforgettable day. During your vacation, you won’t only enjoy a complete 5-star resort located on a spectacular beach, with the best services such as swimming pools, spa, sporting facilities, restaurants and entertainment, you will also have a whale of a time in our complete water park.

Enjoy the best water park in the Riviera Maya

Our new water park in Quintana Roo is considered one of the best in the area. Its wide variety of facilities such as vortex rides, aqua tube slides, space bowl slides, lazy and rapid rivers, splash area and surfing pool, and much more, guarantees endless fun and enjoyment in the water.

A water park with 14 different slides

Choose your favorite vertiginous slide and get your adrenaline pumping. Our more daring slides are complimented by a magnificent interactive zone with 4 aqua tube slides, and a children’s area for our youngest guests which is just 20 cm deep, and 10 aqua spray games, 8 water jet games, a waterfall, a slippery inflatable castle with slide and Bubble, and much more. To complete these magnificent facilities, this waterpark boasts two lazy rivers: one is family-friendly and more than 320 meters long that you can drift along on fantastic floats, and the other is more daring, and more than 120 meters long for maximum entertainment on your float.

Senator Riviera Cancun Spa Resort mapa toboganes

1. Family Vortex slide
More than 60 m long slide for 4-man floats.

2. Sphere slide
With single or double floats and an impressive giant sphere.

3. Space Bowl slide
This ride starts off enclosed and gets your adrenaline pumping before propelling you into a giant space bowl.

4. Aqua tube slide
An enclosed slide where you slide along more than 100 m at top speed.

5. Multi-lane fast track slide
Guaranteed entertainment if you want to challenge your family or friends to a race.

6. Enclosed aqua tube slide
Slide along on a single or double float with two complete turns.

7. Kamilancha slide
Open slide measuring more than 60 m and with a steep gradient.

8. Kamikaze aqua tube slide
Enclosed slide with a gradient of more than 15 m for the most daring riders.

9. Aqua tube slide
With a complete loop and a giant funnel that you will spin around in before falling into the swimming pool.

10. Boomerango slide
Ride this slide on a single or double float, which will twists and turns impressively.

Water park for adults and children

This hotel with a water park for both children and adults has several zones and facilities adapted to different ages and tastes. In fact, it has a specific zone for small children, where our youngest guests can enjoy the water safely, a family-friendly lazy river for those who wish to relax, another lazy river to enjoy with floats, fun slides for younger guests and heart-stopping slides for our bravest guests.

Book your all-inclusive hotel with water park

Senator Riviera Cancun Spa Resort offers you an unforgettable vacation in this all-inclusive hotel, as well as entertaining days in our Riviera Maya water park. You therefore won’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying this luxury resort, with its fully-equipped relaxing rooms, magnificent swimming pools and jacuzzis surrounded by a wide sun terrace, more than 20 restaurants, complete sporting and entertainment facilities, a relaxing spa, a varied all-inclusive service, quality assurance and a great water park.